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In April I holidayed to Boston and Paris (mostly) but, knowing I’m unlikely to be in the US again any time soon, I spent a day in New York’s garment district buying *all* the fabric. I also spent a day in Paris discovering the shops in Montmartre. Then when I got home, I wrote about it.

Stalking through Manhattan’s urban jungle on the hunt, I spot a flash of green.

Like Captain Hook, I pull up short: is that a crocodile?

You can truly find any kind of material in New York’s Garment District.

Read the full piece here.



One of my other “spare time” loves is baking. I think I’ve written about it before – I adore it because producing baked goods just makes people happy. Recently some like-minded ladies started up the Canberra Cake Club and I’ve managed to get along to two of their monthly cake ups. They asked me to share a recipe and baking tale over on their blog, which you can see here.

“Is there anyone here because they’re going to make a wedding cake?” the cake decorating teacher asked. Apparently there is usually at least one in each of her CIT courses. My goodness, I thought, why would anyone agree to do that?


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