Seams of gold

I don’t know what it is about making a trip out to Spotlight but it’s rather like visiting Ikea. It’s nearly impossible to get out of there in under an hour and you always seem to wind up with more than you went there for.

I’m teaching my photographer to remember about including shoes. He’s new to the game (as am I).

Take this wool for example. I was innocently strolling through the aisles looking for something to line my ball gown (yes, that long-promised ball gown. More on that next week) when this just jumped into my arms and begged to be turned into a skirt.


I’d lent out my tried-and-true pencil skirt pattern but fortuitously bought a copy of Burda Style Plus spring/summer 2014 which has a pencil skirt in four different lengths (!). After awkwardly dangling the tape measure down my leg and trying to accurately read the length to my knee whilst binding over to read said measurement, I figured out the shortest version would be best.

Side seam, what side seam? Pretty proud of that pattern matching.
Side seam, what side seam? Pretty proud of that pattern matching.

One invisible zipper from the stash and a couple of hours later, voila! an excellent winter skirt for work (more normally worn with tights, not bare legs as shown here). I decided to line it because the wool was a little scratchy. There are all kinds of scraps of cotton in my stash but these black and white flowers were the only ones I had enough of and was willing to sacrifice to lining.


The only thing I might do differently with this pattern next time is add a vent. It had one in the longer versions of the skirt but not this one and in a fabric like this with no stretch it’s a wee bit constricting when stalking across Parliament House. Other than that, very happy this fabric jumped out at me!

Why yes, I always stand like this next to a wall. Don't you?
Why yes, I always stand like this next to a wall. Don’t you?

Worn with the rugby cardigan and RTW black singlet.



2 thoughts on “Seams of gold

  1. whisperinggums June 16, 2014 / 5:13 pm

    Another success … and love the yellow cardigan. It’s gorgeous and adds a real lift to the outfit.

  2. whisperinggums June 16, 2014 / 5:15 pm

    Oh, and with a bit of practice, your photographer might have a back-up career in his arsenal! It’s always good to show feet.

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