Stash stuff

Growing up, if I ever needed a scrap of something interesting for a teddy bear’s cape or to make a tutu or whatever grandiose project I thought up, I could paw through a giant plastic tub full of fabric scraps in my mother’s study. I guess it was her stash.


Reading about other sewers’ stashes, I often thought I didn’t have one. Whoops. It turns out, if you keep your fabrics stuffed in shopping bags behind the too-many-seats in your lounge room, you get a stash very quickly without noticing. (I still maintain I’m genetically pre-disposed to hoarding and, no, that’s not my mother’s fault.)

Browsing fabric stores has become akin to browsing book stores for this avid reader. There’s something about the smell and getting to feel all those cloths and imagine what they might turn into. Unfortunately, I know that I’ll need about 2.5m of something to make a dress. Unfortunately, because that means if I spot some fabric that is just begging to be turned into a dress then I know how much to buy … and it gets added to that darn stash.

So there’s the fabric to make a cushion cover for the outdoor seat. And the second type of fabric that I decided would be better for the cushion cover (we’ve still got no cushion). The pretty prints I was going to turn into summer frocks before my honeymoon, seven months ago. The sequins because I keep admiring the sparkly party dresses on ASOS. The five different Ikea prints bought on various trips because they have awesome patterns. The large quantity of jersey because I found a pattern similar to a Carla Zampatti gown (it must be said I do have a corresponding  stash of as-yet-unsewn patterns). And so on.

Clearly my project ambitions are much bigger than my sewing time…


I did, however, manage this week to turn one of those pretty summer prints into a dress for a 60s-inspired pool party we’re attending on the weekend. In our new house I’m hoping to install my own plastic tubs for fabric scraps. Hopefully being able to see them all will help me actually use some of them up for the next grandiose projects. Maybe it’s time I finally got the guts up to sew that ball gown…




2 thoughts on “Stash stuff

  1. Whispering Gums November 22, 2013 / 11:30 am

    What you need is one of those Elfa units with sliding wire drawers. They are a wonder for sewing stashes. In the one unit you can have shallow drawers for little things and deeper drawers for bigger things. They are open wire drawers so some things like cotton reels can fall through but for fabrics, wool etc they are wonderful. So easy to see what you’ve got and easy to get at via the sliding drawers. Good luck in your new house!

  2. Katina's mum November 22, 2013 / 7:08 pm

    That wasn’t my stash, that tub had all the left over bits of materials from after I sewed the project. You know how the fabric allowance on lots of patterns seems to include an extra metre of material that you can’t bear to throw out…

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