Selfish sewing?

Clearly not a piece for me … though I am tempted to try an eared hoodie for myself!


Most of the sewing blogs I frequent tell the tales of mum sewing for their kids. Maybe I’m starting in the wrong places or not searching for the right things or just not digging the personal style of bloggers who sew for themselves. Anyway. I’m still in awe of a lot of these ladies, especially their skills in fabric selection and re-imagining/designing patterns.

Through my blog lurking I’ve discovered a phenomenon they call “selfish sewing” – taking the odd occasion to actually make something special for yourself. Oh really? That’s just about the only kind of sewing that I do! For me it’s much more special to make something for someone else. Kind of like baking, you get a delightful reaction when people realise you’ve *made* them something.

But it’s tricky too. Somehow I’m just that much more motivated when sewing things for me. I’m much more in tune with my personal style (obviously) and never quite certain if whatever I’ve made will gel with the recipient’s taste. And I often feel more inspired by fabrics when I can envision them on me so that in turn makes me more inspired to get behind the machine.  (Ahem, let’s not mention the pair of shorts I started making my man before last Christmas…) There’s an immediate satisfaction from being able to slip on something you’ve made that afternoon. Then there’s the matter of the dearth of respectable, modern patterns for men.  Apparently men only wear pyjamas, drawstring shorts and wizard capes. Totally practical wardrobe, that.

But I am plotting a few bits and pieces of non-selfish sewing for Christmas. Clearly they’ll have to remain secret, but sequins may or may not be involved. Here’s hoping my sewing mojo holds out for the whole effort…



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