What’s a frocktion?

It’s Frocktober!

While I’m not participating in the annual fundraiser for ovarian cancer research this year, my friend Hannah is (quick, head over there and check out all her fabulous dresses).

But I thought I could still help out. And since my wardrobe is truly overflowing with frocks (not to mention that my boyfriend for some strange reason thinks he should be able to use the cupboard as well) I thought it time for a clean out and frock auction – a frocktion!

There’s nothing wrong with these dresses exactly; it’s just that their owner’s tastes changed. They’re the dresses I always look at and think I should wear more often, but don’t. And there’s little sadder in a wardrobe than a lovely frock that never leaves its hanger.

So one of the frocks caught your eye? It’s yours as long as you do these three things.

1. Comment on the post. First in, first served.

2. Head to Hannah’s Everyday Hero page and donate. Make it a respectable amount – it *is* for charity. And comment there with the name of the dress.

3. Organise with me to collect your frock.

That’s it – and a wonderful frock will find its home in your wardrobe!

Last frocktion donations will be taken on October 31 – after that any remaining homeless frocks will head to a charity bin.


One thought on “What’s a frocktion?

  1. Tess October 19, 2012 / 2:55 pm

    Awesome idea!

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