Road tripping 101

Lesson 1: Natchez, Louisiana is not Natchez, Mississippi.

Lesson 2: Use a map when entering semi-unknown locations into the GPS.

All over this country (well, in San Francisco and New Orleans) people have been laughing at us when we tell them of our plan to drive from New Orleans to Washington, DC. They’re only slightly mollified when we say we’re going to do it in four days. Apparently driving 1000 miles (about 1700km)  just isn’t something you do as part of your holiday.

Today was the first of those four days. And 10 hours of driving later, we’ve reached not quite as far as I’d hoped to get.

Driving on the wrong side of the road hasn’t been nearly as difficult to get used to as I was expected – but there was a small mishap in entering the target city into the GPS. Neither of us could remember quite which side of the Louisiana/Mississippi border it was on. We left at 11am and by 3.30pm had arrived at the flagged location on the digital map, although our surroundings didn’t look a whole lot like the historic antebellum town I thought we would end up in.

Eventually we stopped in a Walgreen’s car park and turned to the trusty paper map, to find ourselves in Natchitoches, Louisiana (the district of which does have a town called Natchez on its outskirts). Look it up on Google maps. Oh look, it’s all the way over there in the west of the state, kinda near the Texas border! Yeah, whoops. We went about as far west from New Orleans as I’d planned to go east today.

So we turned back east and did get to see the actual historic Natchez, albeit after most everything was shut (it *was* pretty).

Wish us better luck tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Road tripping 101

  1. Helen July 14, 2012 / 5:27 am

    Best of luck for the rest of the road trip! We are heading out from Cairns tomorrow on a 7 day road trip – so thanks for the tips!

  2. whisperinggums July 20, 2012 / 8:51 pm

    Never just rely on GPS … it will get you into trouble! Oh well, you got to see more countryside!

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