Recently I covered a court case that made me, I suppose, count my blessings. Listening to this woman, about my age, give evidence, I thought about the natural advantages some people have that you often just take for granted.

I remember once in high school, I’m not sure of the context but it was likely some typical teenage whinge. A friend said to me, but can’t you see how lucky you are? You’re just about the only one of us with both your parents at home all the time still. Just like this story I covered, she made me see, however briefly, what I had.

I am grateful for a loving, caring boyfriend, a strong, stable family, a fantastic network of friends on whom I can lean if needed, a supportive boss. But these things, these support networks, you often don’t see them perhaps until they’re gone.

So remember to take a moment every now and then to think about your blessings, to savour them like the sprinkles on top of ice cream, perfect in the moment before the colour bleeds in. To thank friends and family and those around you who are good for you. And if you know someone struggling to find theirs, offer them a smile, a hand, a compliment, a reason to trust and hope and be grateful.


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