Frock on 2011

Remember Frocktober last year? It went something like this:

That’s right, a different dress for every day of the month. (In making that collage I discovered a) I have more fuzzy photos of myself looking dubiously at the camera operator than is probably healthy b) I’ve stopped wearing my favourite heels from last year and c) my hair was apparently more ruly in 2010.)

This year I thought I needed a new challenge if I wanted people to donate money for ovarian cancer research again. I remembered reading some time ago about the Uniform Project, in which one woman pledged to wear the same dress for a year to raise money for underprivileged children. Now a whole year sounds excessive, but a month I reckon I can do. And so 2011 Frocktober is all about thirty-one days, one dress. I think this will be a harder challenge for me than last year because I like wearing dresses anyway and I usually try not to wear the same thing within about two weeks. I’m always wondering if I wore this outfit last week and will people think it’s my Tuesday dress if I wear it twice on that day. Maybe I’m strange. Anyway.

Voici, the Frocktober 2011 dress in trial action in August:

To give you some idea what I’m in for, this Frocktober includes:

  • a hen’s night to which I’m to wear a colour starting with L (I’m thinking liquorice)
  • a wedding
  • a baby naming ceremony
  • three parliament sitting days
  • and a week of alpaca-sitting.

Fun times.

Lastly, to be perfectly honest and for the reassurance of my new colleagues’ noses, I’ve purchased two identical dresses. Kind thanks to the girl in Review who gave me a discount off the second one when I explained it was for charity purposes. (A few people have said they think this is cheating, so I’ll just point out the original Uniform Project started with seven identical dresses — one for each day of the week.)

Think I can make the distance? Just want to see how a basic black dress can last 31 days? Donate at my Everyday Hero page. All funds to ovarian cancer research.


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