I believe I may have previously mentioned my enjoyment of baking and how much fun it is to share yummy food with others. Well quite apart from the taste of the baked item, I’m also keen on making them look good.

It’s just such a thrill when, for instance, you offer to make a cake for a friend’s birthday picnic, she says she’d like a pirate ship, and you can deliver. That “wow” that springs to everyone’s lips on first spying a stunning cake (made by anyone) is quite satisfying. Plus I love that feeling of “I made that”. (That satisfaction with producing something real is a reason I like working at a newspaper where the press is in the same building. If you’re feeling a bit demoralised, you can pop up and see the press and think yes, this is what I’m doing, this is what I’m making. And the smell of newspaper ink is like no other.)

In pursuit of even better looking cakes, a colleague and I are taking a cake-decorating evening course. The instructor (Emma from Sugar and Slice) warned on the first night that choosing to learn how to make beautiful cakes did mean you’d likely become “that cake lady” at your work, family and/or social circle. (She also said there was inevitably one person in each course who’d been asked to make a wedding cake and they always looked terrified. There was one such girl and she did look terrified.)

In our first week we got to decorate cupcakes — mine are the blue ones pictured above — and sent away with a list of equipment to find by next class, including an egg carton. I’m intrigued to see what that’s for. We were also set (optional) homework of further exploring the possibilities of cupcakes. I produced the pink ones below which were gobbled up at work’s regular weekly afternoon tea.

I’m looking forward to further adventures in cake making!



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