Amanda Palmer’s ninja Canberra

Much has been written all over the place about Amanda Palmer’s amazing Canberra ninja gig (including by the woman herself) so mostly I just have some pictures to add. The day before the ninja gig, I was preparing to go to her proper, official gig at the NGA (weird venue, but it worked in the end) when a flutter went round twitter about her blog about the planned ninja gig. (I spent that afternoon as a ball of quiet excitement because she had mentioned me by name in her blog — that makes me almost rock n roll, right?)

I’d known roughly what was happening a week or so earlier and tried to move an appointment I’d made three months ago that turned out to be at the very time of the ninja gig. Unfortunately the hairdresser had no other slots, I couldn’t see past my fringe, and I don’t live in the inner anywhere so I missed the bike ride part of the whole affair.

But turning up to find about 150 people picnicking outside the carillon, just in time to hear Amanda F. Palmer play Coin Operated Boy on the bells, was pretty amazing. Even more so when those same 150-odd people crowded under the three struts of the bells tower to shelter from the storm and hear the songstress weave her poetic magic. On a ukulele. Amplified by the echoing stone walls and accompanied by thunder and lightning.

She was followed (having hijacked their opening set) by the ever fabulous Mr Fibby; Hadley telling the tale of lovestruck Ivan and his pursuit of a red fox. If there ever was a Canberra band (apart from Mikelangelo, who’s already made it) suited to the support of AFP, Mr Fibby is it. I’m glad that connection was made by the Rat Patrol lads because Palmer makes things happen for people she likes and she liked Mr Fibby.

A spectacular night.


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