A frocktacular week

The first week of Frocktober is over and it has been interesting and, well, frocky. I’ve been trying not to frontload my frock-wearing too much, and find myself at the end of the month with only the less favourites left. To some success.

I’ve also found myself musing somewhat on the way different clothes make you feel. Having banned myself from jeans for the month (although I did sneak a pair on to combat the cold at a barbecue last night — under my frock) I’m yet to have that moment when I look at my collection of work-suitable clothes and think “but I just want to wear jeans and be comfy”. And that comfy thing is really what jeans are all about. Sure, you can glam them up with sequins and heels, but they’re still jeans and they give a certain feeling. But when you put on a killer dress that fits perfectly, it makes you feel completely different (thank you Alex Perry zebra frock).

Clothes are a shield and there’s a confidence that comes from being dressed well and suitably. There’s a reason why you pull on that crisp white shirt and perfect suit jacket for a corporate job interview, or the flirty but modest cocktail dress for a first date. I really hate turning up to an event and discovering I’m completely inappropriately dressed (impromptu cow-chasing aside). A corollary is my dislike of surprise outings — how are you supposed to know what to wear/pack if you don’t know where you’re going?

Here’s to another week of fabulous, confidence-giving frocks!

(PS Frocktober is in aid of ovarian cancer research. If you want to donate, head here.)


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