La vie pastorale

I am not by any means a farm girl. I’ve lived in cities almost my entire life and I love that. When I’m around real farm people, I feel inadequate. Sure I’ve helped build fences, watched chickens hatch, planted hundreds of trees and even driven a tractor (once). But I’ve never had to do the dirty stuff, never killed an animal or hand fed hundreds of head of stock. Still, I find there is something attractive about being out in the big space of paddocks. I’ve always enjoyed getting out on my parents’ property and climbing trees, messing about, wrangling the animals (even if occasionally my choice of clothes isn’t that suitable — there was one memorable occasion I had to help herd a calf while clad in work clothes). There’s just this sense of peace and almost a feeling of having roots, as in knowing where things come from. Being connected to the land, in a way.


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