Frocks and me

When I was in primary school, I wore uniform. In high school I was mostly dag and a large part tomboy. This was partly a function of character and partly because I rode a recumbent bicycle that precluded skirt wearing. It wasn’t until I hit uni and grew up that my love affair with dresses really began. These days you’ll rarely find me not in a skirt or dress (unless I’m in jeans). In fact, when I did a swift count through my wardrobe in preparation fro Frocktober — wear a dress every day for a month to raise money for ovarian cancer research — I found, somewhat to my embarrassment, that I had enough frocks to do the whole thing almost twice over.

I think the best thing about dresses is they’re just so easy. You just throw it on and bam! getting ready is done. Accessories optional. Plus (mostly) dresses are pretty forgiving of body shapes (except for those bandage ones that are all the rage on red carpets at the moment). All of my feel-good outfits are dresses — the ones you can just put on and know they’ll make you feel good, no matter what your mood.

This particular frock feels a lot like it could become one of those. Unfortunately, it’s not mine. Happy Frocktober!


2 thoughts on “Frocks and me

  1. Bells October 1, 2010 / 7:15 am

    fabulous Katina! It’ll be fun to watch you do Frocktober!

  2. Freya October 1, 2010 / 9:05 am

    You look absolutely stunning in this dress! What a great start to your Frocktober 🙂

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