Embracing arrivals

I (like many others on the net, I have discovered) have a soft spot for the opening of Love Actually where the characters are introduced as they go through the arrivals gate of an airport. While airports can sometimes feel soul-destroying, especially after you’ve been on a long haul flight, I do find the humanity at airports rather comforting. The arrivals gate is a place of joyful reunions. It’s fun watching the passengers exit, guessing where they’ve come from. And matching waiting friends and family to those walking out (recently I spent quite a while waiting at Sydney International near a priest in full Catholic garb). And departures is just as full of love with its tear-filled farewells. I suppose airports can also feel very lonely – what if you’re the business passenger stepping off a long flight to head straight back to work, passing alone through the happy reunitees? But to me they are places of anticipation, excitement and love.


One thought on “Embracing arrivals

  1. Andrew September 30, 2010 / 10:01 am

    I love airports for their ease of access. Like a great hotel, everything you could want is in reach, well signposted and at any time of the day.

    While you can get similar services at a major urban mall, you often have to walk much further, turn up at the right times & just finding the bookstore/toilets can be a pain.

    While shopping can be fun in itself, a lot of purchases (food/entertainment) are simply about satisfying an immediate need. Good airports do so effortlessly, freeing us up to focus on what really matters, comfort and getting home to loved ones.

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