A quick lesson in frocks

This morning I commented to my boyfriend that I had been deliberately not wearing frocks the past few weeks in preparation for Frocktober (the other week I wore a dress to work and got quizzed whether I was starting Frocktober early to decided to pointedly not wear them for a bit). He looked at my ensemble and said, “But isn’t that a frock?” I was wearing a skirt, top tucked in, and cardigan. Thus the good ladies of Twitter decided a lesson in frocks was required before the start of Frocktober.

– noun
1. A gown or dress worn by a girl or woman.

A frock (or dress) is a one-piece garment. It generally covers the torso and extends past the buttocks to around the knees or ankles (depending on personal choice and decorum). It can be worn on its own or with some sort of covering garment, such as a cardigan or jacket. Occasionally, such as in winter, frocks are worn with other garments underneath, such as a skivvy. Frocks are often favoured as an “easy” dress option because they do not require the wearer to coordinate multiple garments.

A frock is not a skirt and top. These are called separates.

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