Habit making

It’s funny the habits you pick up from your parents without noticing. Inherited habits, i suppose you’d call them. For instance, when I do a proper supermarket shop (as opposed to the targeted 10 minutes need milk on the way home from work) I go up and down every aisle. Even the ones full of cordial and nappies and things I don’t need. Even though I basically go to one of the same two supermarkets so know where everything is. See, when I was younger I used to do the supermarket shopping with my dad and that’s how he shopped. Up and down every single aisle, regardless of contents. I got to know that supermarket very well and it rubbed off on me (now, of course, they’re renovating and everything will be hidden after years of knowing exactly where to find sugarpaste icing and tinned tomatoes). On summer holidays, things were different. Then I shopped with my grandmother, who used to do things by the list. This often entailed going from one end of the supermarket to the other and back again, and then to that aisle in the middle for the next item on the list. You can imagine how frustrating this can get. The every aisle method just made so much more sense — and so the habit was ingrained.


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