On markets and running

The weekend was a busy one. Saturday brought with it my favourite quarterly markets, brimming with gorgeous whatsits all begging me to open my wallet. The markets also offer a chance for me to unleash my killer selling skills (read: a friendly, open smile) and convince the world to buy a gourmet sausage burger. Or three. It’s been some years now since I worked in retail yet I still find the mass of humanity and their approaches to people serving them interesting. I cringe whenever fellow diners criticize wait staff at a restaurant because, whatever their failings may have been, they’re doing a poorly paid job, probably on top of study or even some other full time job, and sometimes circumstances mean you can’t always deliver with a smile. But at the markets, out in the beautiful sunshine that spring put on specially, everyone was cheerful — and hungry.

That beautiful spring sunshine hung around the next day too, fortunately, since this was the day of my big 10k. Somewhat to my surprise I finished the run, even in a respectable time, and was still upright afterwards. My cheer squad then took me to this beautiful setting by the lake and plied me with food. I forget during winter how conducive this city is to picnics; it would be a teddy bear’s paradise. After the festivities, I slept. For about 10 hours straight. And thus the end of the weekend slipped by undisturbed.


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