Just the feel of it

I’m a fairly tactile person. I suspect this is why I love my newspapers and books, and also why I’ve never madly jumped on the internet shopping bandwagon. I love wandering around a shop, feeling the material of the clothes, letting a silky sleeve run through my fingers. The feel of the clothes is almost as important as the shape and look to me. A cheap and itchy knit will always be cheap and itchy and you’ll just not feel comfortable wearing it. I know there’s all this psychology about the thrill of buying things, and I admit there is an element of that to it, but largely I just love the tactile sensations. Even when I worked for a clothes store, I enjoyed the arrival of new clothes (even if it meant tedious unpacking of boxes). In much the same way I also adore bookstores. I could waste a dreamy hour or two wandering among the shelves, feeling the covers, reading blurbs. The smell of new book paper is one of those rustic, evocative scents right up there with freshly cut grass.


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