Theatrical magic

Going to the theatre is one of life’s luxuries that I really enjoy. Collecting tickets, debating whether to buy the overpriced program, finding your seat, and then waiting for the dark. The excited hush as the house lights fall is one of my favourite anticipatory moments (my absolute favourite it the time between finishing a great performance and the applause). Then there’s the magic of the performance itself as you forget you’re squished in a chair that seems to have less foot room as the night goes on, and become completely focused on the small, bright rectangle of the stage. Drama, comedy, dance, musicals, even ice skating (as last night) seem to absorb the time and your interest until you finally emerge, blinking and wondering how the hours disappeared.

When I became involved in the theatre, I did wonder briefly if it would spoil the magic, knowing what goes on in the dark outside that brilliant rectangle. As it turned out, for me it only enhances that theatrical magic. You know just how much work has gone into creating this experience and it made me appreciate it all the more.


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