End of limbo

This afternoon was a very exciting time to be a political junkie (though, I will admit, not as exciting as some of the times we have had in the past three months). After 17 days in limbo, Australia finally has a government. The wonks and I promptly went out to celebrate with drinks followed by the best sushi in town.

Political moments are funny things; I have been getting so caught up in them, especially since starting working and even more so after discovering Twitter. Yet for many people they’re just another happening, just more of the same old talk, just something that will pass by with the perusal of the morning paper. But there are moments when it just feels like surely all of Australia must be watching. The ousting of Kevin Rudd was one. My earliest political memory was one: Alexander Downer taking over leadership of the Opposition (they even interrupted Playschool to show it). I’d like to think the ending of limbo with the independents’ press conference this afternoon was another, but I suspect it passed most of the country by. And of those who did watch, I’m not sure how many would have lasted through Rob Oakeshott’s gleeful maintaining suspension as long as possible. But I hope that for someone out there, a political memory was formed and a new lover of politics born.


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