I’m not going to make excuses. Well, I am but I don’t expect you to listen. I did actually take this picture yesterday, but WordPress was borked so my good intentions went to nothing (and then I slept all day…).

My hair was long and boring until my second year of uni. I did some work experience with a small town paper during which time I wrote a story about a big name hairdresser, now of Sydney but formerly of said small town. It was a cute story about how he’s rescuing (apartment-sized) dogs from the pound and keeping them at his salon and encouraging clients to adopt them. After I came back home from the small town, I got a call from the paper asking for my address. the big name hairdresser had been so thrilled about the story appearing in his hometown paper that he sent a gift voucher for his salon.

Some time later I made the trek to Sydney, found the place in its Darlinghurst alley and climbed to the third floor. I’m always quite awkward at giving hairdressers instructions; I just want my hair to be low maintenance and trust them to know what they’re doing. I never confessed to them that I didn’t own a hair dryer (I do now though). So at the big name hairdresser’s salon I said something like I like the length but want something a bit different, and off the (not so big name) stylist went. At one point he was standing in front of me with my hair tied in a ponytail over my face and hacking away with his scissors. It was all very exciting but the end result was quite stunning.

Today it rained. All day. Well, almost all day — the sky cleared just before it got dark. I did, however, get up at that hour that shouldn’t exist without skiing and go for a run. The training group was about a third in size of the usual but it was almost enjoyable. I have now learnt why synthetic shirts are better for running in: towards the end my soaked cotton tshirt clung to me and every muscle in my body felt heavy.

Rain always makes me feel lethargic. I think it’s the depressing grey and the cold and the memories of being stuck inside at school lunchtimes. Thus I snuggled down with my new book and read/snoozed for longer than was intended. After seeing Tomorrow When the War Began movie during the week I was inspired to pick up the books I haven’t touched since high school. I polished off the first in three hours, but was impressed with how closely the movie stuck by the book. There were two big chunks left out, but there were also slabs of dialogue that made it into the film verbatim. I can’t wait for the next film to come out — it’s finally fantastic Australian cinema.


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