Lighting the way home

Sunset over Lake Burley Griffin

As I drive home around the lake, most evenings I’m treated to a spectacular sunset (except in winter, when the sun pops behind the mountains and darkness descends before I even enter the work car park). I love the glorious oranges and pinks and yellows, and the sight rarely fails to make me unwind no matter how stressful the day. I also enjoy seeing the national institutions across the lake; they remind me of some of the many things I love about this city. Today, unusually, I saw those institutions close up instead. The different viewpoint, looking across to the CBD (such as it is) captured my attention but no less my heart.

Today, on the eve of spring and all its connotations of new beginnings, I embark on my own new project. My house is littered with the half-finished remains of creative thoughts and flights of fancy, so I open this particular whimsy up to the public in an attempt to add a sense of obligation. I work well under senses of obligation. Thus, I’m not Tina Wheeze is my own form of 365 Project: a photo every day and an explanation to go with it, since words with pictures are what I do best.


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